2020 Artwork
of the Year Award

"Emily and the Ram"

Annie Murphy-Robinson, Artist

Annie's artwork titled "Emily and the Ram" was recently selected by jury for the "2020 Artwork of the Year Award".  The artwork was chosen based on the criteria of concept, composition, value, color, technique, material handling, and overall impact of the art.  Congratulations Annie!

The artwork was selected by Jury amongst the 26 Best in Show award recipients in 2020.  A full list of these artists & their artworks are show below.

Annie Murphy Robinson - Emily and the Ra

 "My technique is relatively unknown, I use sandpaper as a medium to embed dry material into heavy paper. Using this technique, I am able to “see” in the dark. I use a myriad of photographic reference for the images and I draw from life the images of my old toys and memorabilia. The use of this technique takes the work to a “hyper-real” level and lends itself well to the pervasive feeling of melancholy that exists. I am interested in the plight of women through-out time. I use my daughters as models and create environments to give both visual interest and an unknown narrative. I am also very influenced by the pre-raphaelite movement." Annie


2020 Best in Show Award Recipients

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