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 2022 IAA Awards in Drawing
Juried International Achievement Awards Exhibition
Awards include: virtual award exhibition, cash prize to top three artists, 1st place main page slider promotion & exhibition link, top 10 award video, social media promotion & award certificate. Congratulation Artists!

1st Place

2022 IAA Award in Drawing

Chems Eddine Berghida

"I was in my original country when I drew this in Algeria ... unfortunately we lived a really difficult situation as people of this nation and country... we needed the best for our home.. it was so risky.. a war it almost started ..but we did it ..45 million people acted together as one person and we did it... I drew my feelings in the we started and we felt like there is hope but is its so sensitive ..if we didn't do it would have cost us our peace and lives ... but we did it." Chems

Title of work: Surrounded Hope

Medium: Graphite, pencils and charcoal
Artist locale: Montreal , QC , Canada

Cash Prize: $200

Chems Eddinee Berghhida.jpg

2nd Place

2022 IAA Award in Drawing

Susan Wehrman

"This lovely jukebox sits in a renovated diner - with all of my favorite songs! I became completely intrigued capturing the reflections in the metal." Susan

Title of work: J9
Medium: Colored pencil
Artist locale: Manchester, MO, USA

Cash Prize: $150


3rd Place

2022 IAA Award in Drawing

Fan Xiaozheng

"The process of human development is full of the tragedy of losing paradise from fires." Fan

Title of work: Paradise Lost
Medium: Pencil and charcoal
Artist locale: Beijing China

Cash Prize: $100


IAA Awards in Drawing