Amy Hutto, Featured Artist

Resides: Bath, New York USA

Style of work:  Abstracts

Subject matter:  Non-Representational

Medium(s) used:  Acrylic, Gold Leaf, Mixed Media

Amy's artwork was chosen as the "BEST IN SHOW" for Camelback Gallery's "Abstracts with Red 2020" Juried Painting Competition.  Part of the award is a 3-month on-line residency on CB's Featured Artist Page.  Amy's artwork also placed as a finalist in the same competition.

"My work in non-representational abstract paintings can best be described as heart, mind and soul realizations. Each piece captures a collection of imagination sparks…some quite large and others small, culminating in a visual expression on my inner most thoughts and feelings. I often use red in my work. It is bold and intense and warm and energizing, and I love the juxtaposition of it against the other colors. I use gold leaf in my art to capture the light and create movement, its luster creates visual texture and interest leading the eye to the next discovery. The joy in abstract painting, for me, beyond the process of building and layering, adding and taking away, is the magical way that each piece offers something new to look at each time." Amy 


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