Andrea Maw, Featured Artist



Artist Locale:  Scottsdale, AZ USA

Style of work: Hyperrealism

Subject matter: Glass, Gems and Jewels

Medium: Oil

Artist Statement

"I have been putting paint to canvas since my early twenties. Artistic talent runs deep in my family. My grandfather was a painter of note in Germany in the early 1900s. My mother, Ingrid Losch, painted extensively which greatly influenced my interest, confidence and passion for painting. My current technique, ‘oil on canvas’ in the style of hyperrealism, serves my exacting nature well and my philosophy that ‘God is in the detail’, thus bringing about a fully dimensional effect of being in the presence of my subject. I also introduce a sense of movement so that my works contain an energy of something in the act.  I like to call them ‘still lifes’ in motion." Andrea

Artist Portfolio

Crystal Clear
Shimmer - Light Through Pretty Glass
Diamond + Two Settings
Bouquet - All Blood Runs Red Under theSkin
Concert Poster