Anna Brooks, Featured Artist

Resides:  Pensacola, FL, USA

Style of work:  Realism

Subject matter:  Animals

Medium(s) used:  Acrylic

Anna's painting was chosen by Jury as the "BEST IN SHOW" for Camelback Gallery's PHOTOREALISM Painting Competition.  Part of the award is a 3-month on-line residency on CB's Featured Artist Page.  Congratulations Anna!

"My painting "Cobalt" features a close-up of a blue mint beetle. I used acrylic paint for this piece because the medium's quick drying time helped me fill in as many tiny details as possible. Small creatures like bugs fascinate me with their unique color and patterns. There's something amusing about painting a close-up of something as tiny as an insect. The perspective changes from the human's lofty vantage point to the small perspective of a bug. I enjoyed painting a close-up of this tiny beetle, making him look like an armored blue tank." Anna

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