Annie Murphy Robinsion, Featured Artist

Resides:  Carmichael, CA USA

Style of work:  Realism

Subject matter:  People

Medium(s) used:  Sandpaper and Charcoal

Annie's artwork was chosen as the "BEST IN SHOW" for Camelback Gallery's "Black and White" International All Visual Arts Competition.  Part of the award is a 3-month on-line residency on CB's Featured Artist Page.  Congratulations Annie!

"My technique is relatively unknown, I use sandpaper as a medium to embed dry material into heavy paper. Using this technique, I am able to “see” in the dark. I use a myriad of photographic reference for the images and I draw from life the images of my old toys and memorabilia. The use of this technique takes the work to a “hyper-real” level and lends itself well to the pervasive feeling of melancholy that exists. I am interested in the plight of women through-out time. I use my daughters as models and create environments to give both visual interest and an unknown narrative. I am also very influenced by the pre-raphaelite movement." Annie


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