Barbi Thomer Niblick, Featured Artist


Artist Statement


Flight of the Phoenix.jpg

Artist Locale: Fountain Hills, AZ, USA

Style of work: Contemporary

Subject matter: Abstracts

Medium: Oil

Each painting I create is a story of triumph. Using my hands to feel the paint as it moves on the canvas, the bipolar 2 symptoms that are constantly cycling within me are eased. My pieces often start out “ugly” while I’m working during a depressed state. However, they are transformed into a collection of vibrant, colorful and energetic pieces as I layer paint throughout the cycle and end when I’m through the depression and feeling positive again. After learning of this bipolar 2 diagnosis and taking some time to self-reflect, I determined the focus in my work has always been to cope with those symptoms even though I didn’t realize it at the time. When a collector adds one of these to their personal collection, they are getting so much more than a pretty picture - they are getting a piece of my soul. These pieces are created as a way to spread awareness of mental health disorders while helping to destigmatize them.

Artist Portfolio

Zeus' Lightning
Flight of the Phoenix
Falling through the World
Cosmic Dust
Purple Rayne
Desert Storm