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Beverly Carlson-Bradshaw
Solo Exhibition Series
Artist locale:  Cave Creek, AZ USA
Style of work: Realism
Medium: Pastel

Virtual Show Dates: 
September 1 - 30, 2023

Beverly Carson Bradshaw.jpg

" I enjoy painting landscapes and searching for the right light and shadows to highlight in my paintings.  I look forward to expanding my work in the future.  I never stop learning from my peers and those I follow in the art world."

Beverly grew up in Montana begin painting at a very young age.  She enjoyed painting in mediums such as oil, colored pencil and watercolor.  In her 20's she discovered pastels and found that the immediacy and vibrancy of this medium made pastels her go to choice for her paintings!

After a career in both the legal field and as an interior designer in Washington State, she moved to Arizona and became a full-time artist drawing inspiration from the wide variety of scenery that Arizona has to offer including native plants, sunsets, forests and mountains.

Solo Series "Glory of the Desert"

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