Catherine Tait, Featured Artist


Artist Locale: Castlemaine, Australia

Style of work: Traditional, Impressionistic
Subject matter:  City and street scenes, still life

Medium: Oil, watercolor, pastel, oil stick. grease proof pencil

Artist Statement

"I use a limited warm palette and that’s related to me – we are all attracted to certain colors. Mine are warm colors: oranges, reds and ultra-marine blue. I paint in several genres: landscapes, still life and streetscapes.  I developed into landscapes and streetscapes later in my career, where I attempt to capture the feeling of a place. It could be a shadow in an alley or the unique rock formation on the Flinders Island coast. At the moment, I am reflecting the landscapes that I see around me – the Australian bush, my home and also when travelling overseas. For me, the key to a good painting is not the light but the darkness. If you get the darks right, the lights take care of themselves and it all comes together – that’s the magic of painting." Catherine

Artist Portfolio



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