Catherine Tait, Featured Artist



Artist Locale: Castlemaine, Australia

Style of work: Traditional, Impressionistic
Subject matter:  City and street scenes, still life

Medium: Oil, watercolor, pastel, oil stick. grease proof pencil

Artist Statement

"I use a limited warm palette and that’s related to me – we are all attracted to certain colors. Mine are warm colors: oranges, reds and ultra-marine blue. I paint in several genres: landscapes, still life and streetscapes.  I developed into landscapes and streetscapes later in my career, where I attempt to capture the feeling of a place. It could be a shadow in an alley or the unique rock formation on the Flinders Island coast. At the moment, I am reflecting the landscapes that I see around me – the Australian bush, my home and also when travelling overseas. For me, the key to a good painting is not the light but the darkness. If you get the darks right, the lights take care of themselves and it all comes together – that’s the magic of painting." Catherine

Artist Portfolio

Evening Light Columbus Ave
Going Home Canel St New York
Cotton Bush
Rain Lower Manhattan
Flags Flying Manhattan
Pomegranate with Vessel
Scattered Feathers
Blossom Manhattan New York