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Christopher Forslund
Solo Exhibition
Artist locale:  Mesa, AZ, USA
Subject matter: Wildlife/Birds
Medium: Photography


"When I embark on capturing a moment, my aim is to leverage existing light and color to convey the emotions I am experiencing. My ultimate goal is to evoke strong emotions through my images." Christopher

I am a self-taught photographer whose passion for the craft ignited at a very early age. During my teenage years, I worked with black and white film and was fortunate to have parents who nurtured my interest by providing camera equipment and constructing a darkroom for me. I predominantly use either a Canon R7 or Canon R5 mirrorless camera paired with a Canon 600mm f/4L IS lens attached to a gimbal head and ground pod when capturing my images. Emphasizing low angles, I strive for optimal subject separation and bokeh in my images. 

Christopher Forslund is an award winning, US based, landscape and nature photographer and full time RV Nomad, currently based in Mesa, AZ. His images have appeared in gallery shows throughout the United States. Christopher's upbringing took place amidst the tranquil coastal mountains of Northern California, fostering a deep love for nature, photography, and the arts. Starting with his early days in the Boy Scouts and spanning a seventeen-year career in law enforcement, along with a stint as a touring professional musician, he has been fortunate to journey across the country and photograph many of the nation's awe-inspiring landscapes and wildlife. He is a self taught photographer who's passion has recently evolved from a focus on landscape photography to avian photography. He is a member of the Arizona Artists Guild.

Virtual Show Dates: 
January 1 - 31, 2024

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