Cyndy Baran, Featured Artist


Untitled 17.jpg

Resides:  Brookfield, WI USA

Style of work:  Contemporary

Subject matter:  Abstracts

Medium(s) used:  Acrylic

Artist Statement

"Bold colors and composition draw me into the creative process.   I believe the body intuitively knows what it needs, and if you listen to that voice, it will guide you to the place you need to be at that moment.  By creating calm among the chaos of life, I am able to hear my own voice, and thus, have empathy for the voices of those around me.

I have come to understand why creating Art is important to me and how it resonates as a metaphor for life.  The push-pull of contrasting colors can represent the push-pull of life.  We give, we take; we struggle, we work, and we compromise. The drips and dribbles of paint as it runs down the canvas mimics the meandering path we often take as we weave our way through life’s daily challenges.   Eventually everything comes together, and much like a beloved child, a piece of art is born. This is how an abstract painting comes to life in my studio." Cyndy

Cosmic Disturbance
Summer Florals
Untitled 8
Untitled 17