Don Bergland, Featured Artist

Resides:  Victoria, BC Canada

Style of work:  Neosurrealism

Subject matter:  All

Medium(s) used:  Digital, 3-D modeling software

Don's painting "Lullaby" was chosen by Jury as the "BEST IN SHOW" in Camelback Gallery's International All Visual Arts Competition, "AMAZING ANIMALS.  Part of the award is a 3-month on-line residency on CB's Featured Artist Page.  Congratulations Don!

"My current work is a version of Neosurrealism with the objective of eliciting questioning attitudes in the mind of viewers. Each of my artworks features a theatrical set defined by a stage with actors, props, and a backdrop. Each image is constructed using conventions of visual realism, but with alterations that offer dreamlike possibilities. Each artwork becomes a framed snapshot of a moment in theatrical space, noticed briefly, and then forgotten once more, a fraction of time when reality is breached and a frozen glimpse into the mental theater of Eternity is experienced, an opening when the viewer can catch the faint hint of cotton candy breezing in from the sideshow midway, the pastel moment of a lost memory, a slight reminder that the future is never absent, and that the past is always in front of us." Don


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