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Natalie Oliphant


Artist locale: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Style of work: Sculpture
Subject matter: Figurative
Medium: Mixed media from found objects

Declaración del artista

Portafolio del artista

As an emerging eco artist I see the value in repurposing thousands of discarded items. From my mannequin body forms to pieces of memorabilia, I create portals to my memories. Many of my themes are not exclusive to my life. We all need to feel a connection to someone or something. We all need to feel compassion and deep empathy to the trials and tribulations of others. So much emotion can be read in body language. Posture and position of the human physique reveals a relatable story. The pain of infertility, the deep sadness of rejection, the cutting emotion of grief are recognized and celebrated in each of my works. I am committed to saving items from the landfill and letting their beauty live on.

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