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Artista, Layla Fanucci
Serie de exposiciones individuales

Artista local:  Napa Valley,California, Estados Unidos
Estilo de trabajo: Contemporáneo
Tema: Paisajes urbanos

Medio: Aceite

Rick Heck (1).jpg

"My paintings are a wondrous journey in search of colors and shapes that somehow capture a glimpse of the beauty of nature. Sometimes I get lost, but other times I find an undiscovered path for my viewers to experience what is in my heart." Rick

¿Que es arte?

 “El arte es como una canción que toca tu corazón y tu alma y te llega de maneras que las palabras no pueden. Eso es lo que hace el arte, le habla al alma, le habla al corazón y nos reconforta. Los colores son para hacerte feliz a ti y a todos nosotros, para iluminar nuestros días oscuros con luz hasta que estemos a salvo nuevamente”. Layla


Rick Heck was a school teacher for 35 years teaching many levels -  from kindergarten through junior college. His creative life began as a musician in rock bands and playing the piano in many diverse situations from weddings, background music and jazz. His quest for other creative outlets led him to painting. Rick is an award winning artist in watercolor, acrylic and other watermedia. Among his awards, he was recognized by Northlight Books and included Acrylicworks: The Best of Acrylic Painting in 2014 and 2019.

Fechas de espectáculos virtuales: 
1 de enero - febrero  28 de febrero de 2023

"Music and painting have always been perfect partners for me. Finding the right sound, blending appealing harmonies, and finding fascinating rhythms is an objective in both art forms. Accomplishing this makes for a familiar melody for all."  Rick

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