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Alida Velea


Artist locale: Romania
Style of work: Still Life
Subject matter: Pottery
Medium: Oil

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

I am an artist who gets involved in the contemporary events, especially those with a social nature. The sensitivity to the social environment means, for me, presenting the different perception that we can have of reality. The concept of these works (all of them are part of the Lock up series) is inspired by the desire of exploring geometry through still life and the message is the complexity of perception and, hence of different understanding of events. Being interested in exploring spaces and objects, through these works I try to reveal the personal experience within the self-consciousness, for a hurtful period of time. With a slight surrealist touch (the sky is seen as a distant object but, at the same time, as part of the same arrangement of the still life) the objects themselves, in my vision, represent temporarily locked-up people. The shadows of the objects, sometimes strangely tinted, reflect a not wrong or deformed, but just different perception. The different rendering of lights and shadows in tones of the same color accentuates the connection between the body and the space in which it exists, complemented by the complexity of individual understanding.

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