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Amita Singha


Artist locale: Chittagong, Bangladesh
Style of work: Portraiture
Subject matter: Internationally recognized people, friends and family
Medium: Pencil and Pastel

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

By profession, I am a university teacher. I have to be always busy doing research and I love it. Along with it, I also love painting. Though I do not have any formal training in Fine Arts, I try to draw pictures whenever I get time. It gives me immense pleasure when I indulge myself in painting since my childhood. As soon as, I complete drawing a picture, I feel a sense of accomplishment. I tried to draw pictures of some internationally recognized people. Those people inspired mankind through their humanity, talent, hard work, and dedication. Besides, I drew a picture of the Goddess Durga who symbolizes the inner power of women. Along with those pictures, I draw pictures of my dear ones.

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