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Deimante Bruzguliene


Artist locale: Wickford, England, UK
Style of work: Realism
Subject matter: Animals, Wildlife
Medium: Pastel

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

“When it is my time to leave this world, I wish to do so knowing that I have left paintings that inspire others to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.” I have been a lifelong artist. I've been drawing since I can remember. Art class has always been my favorite class. My style is realist, as I am obsessed with detail. I have always had a deep love of animals and nature. I find inspiration in all kinds of creatures, both domestic and wildlife, big, small, or in between. My favorite subjects are wildlife. I love drawing animals as it is a way of accessing the secrets of the natural world. I can see their souls through their eyes, which I try to capture in my paintings. Animals are as individual as humans, but for me they manifest a purer and more genuine spirit to the outside world than do human beings. I can love animals by painting them, leaving a legacy of their existence and hopefully bringing to the viewer the same joy that I experience painting them. I would like more people to be able to experience the connection that I have with animals. I wish to take this further to really convey that animals have their own personality and soul. Every portrait I do enriches my life, for the subject enters my heart.

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