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Diego Vallejos


Artist Locale: Apache Junction, AZ, USA
Style of work: Magical Realism
Subject matter: Costa Rican rainforest flora and fauna, animals, sealife
Medium: Oil

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

Growing up abused and impoverished in Costa Rica, I would spend as much time outside as possible, within the rainforest surrounding my tin-roof house. Inspired by natural life, free in their environment, I began to paint my surroundings as an escape into my own world of art. Moving oil around the canvas feels amazing, and my work often strikes emotions connected to a special place, one that speaks of adventure, or home. It is there that I focus on a subject, if the space so calls for one to inhabit it, and glaze each new layer adding light, life, and the inkling of a memory. The paintbrush, harnessing the pain of my youth, seeks not to erase it, but by overlay, works to create new meanings. Through my art, I want people to see not only that life is precious and should be cherished, but that there is also hope for the forgotten.

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