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Kim Chase


Artist Locale: Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
Style of work: Realism Portraits
Subject matter: Animals
Medium: Acrylic

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

Nature and our spiritual connection to all that it embodies has an impact on Kim. By depicting these relationships in her art, she can express our innate links with wildlife and how, through evolution, we have lost our connection. Kim wants her paintings to bring viewers back to a grounding point that brings awareness to our natural surroundings and the connection we are losing with it in a society that has become all too engrossed with technology and social media. She likes to emphasize storytelling, emotion, and the aesthetic elegance of each subject and think outside the box to give a fresh perspective while enticing the spectator with the narratives. Kim is a published author, ex-military, company entrepreneur, firefighter, personal trainer, and gym owner. She enjoys change since she finds it stimulating and energizing, always keeping her passion at the forefront.

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