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Magda Betkowska


Artist Locale: Rheinfelden, Switzerland (Originally from Poland)
Style of work: Art Deco and Burlesque
Subject matter: Women
Medium: Acrylic, Crayon & Colored Pens

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

The main topic of my artworks is a woman. Already in ancient myths and religions, woman were revered as goddesses and givers of life and were considered a symbol of sensuality, sexuality ,and a new life. Every woman is born with many wonderful feminine qualities and creativity which she can/should use as a potential in the course of her life in order to achieve her dreams. Unfortunately, this potential often can’t be fully exploited because many women feel unattractive and try to conform media images. Today`s expectations of every woman to be a perfect wife and mother and also successful in her job lead women to lose access to their inner-self. My paintings show the beauty of every woman with all her imperfections and suggests to the viewer that each one of them can be who she wants to be whether it be weak, vulnerable, tender but also strong, funny, powerful or soulful. The key to her happiness is self-acceptance. I create my woman's image often with elements of nature and with relevant female notions of self acceptance, love, and confidence. In my painting you can see the influence from art deco or from the burlesque world. I also use eye-catching colors as red, orange, pink, yellow to pack as much expression as possible into an image. It is my way of expressing the power and diversity of beauty in each woman.

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