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Richard Sele


Artist locale: Brandon, Florida, USA
Style of work: Portraiture
Subject matter: Effects of war and conflict, iconic leaders, influencers in music, movies, literature, and sports
Medium: Scratchboard

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

I'm a retired disabled Army veteran and self-taught scratchboard artist. I spent 35 years in the Army, working mostly in post-conflict stabilization environments such as Bosnia, Iraq, East Timor, and the Philippines. I worked very closely with government staff, non-governmental and international organizations, and civilians effected by conflict. These experiences influenced a good portion of my artwork subjects. A lot of my scratchboard pieces depicts victims of famine, genocide, and war. Many of my scratchboard portraits also include icons in the humanitarian related fields, civil rights, and governance. I eventually expanded my subject matter to include famous influencers in music, movies, sports, and literature. More recently I started to work on wildlife near extinction, primarily the tiger. I strive to evoke emotions in viewers. If I don't cause you to have some emotional response to my work then I feel I've failed as an artist. I want people to remember how they felt when they viewed my artwork.

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