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Yvonne Joyner


Artist locale: Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Style of work: Abstract
Medium(s): Acrylic, Watercolor & Ink

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

My art journey has taken me from oil painting as an art major in college to ceramics & pottery to watercolor, and now acrylic painting. In the past few years I have transitioned from impressionistic paintings of subject matter to the excitement and adventure of abstract painting! Intuitive painting is spontaneous and comes from the heart, but there is also enough “intentional” work to bring it together as a dynamic, unified whole. I give up control of the outcome and let the painting take me on a journey. However, knowing the Principles of Design gives me the ability to make the required adjustments & decisions with each stroke along the way. My bywords are: Spontaneity and Freshness! It is my hope that these paintings convey the energy & joy that are present during my process, and that those feelings will live on with the paintings in the homes of her collectors.

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