FELIPE QUINTERO, Featured Artist


Artist Locale: Pasto, COLUMBIA

Style of work: Abstract Expressionism
Medium: Acrylic

Artist Statement

An artist's work of preparation and exploration has no culmination; my work as such, is the result of a number of aspects; the experiences within the world of the black and white carnival of Pasto _ Colombia; The continuous relationship with works of art in my small buying and selling business has determined in me a certain eagerness to seek a proposal that has its own identity. My assessment of color differs from the established canons, it makes transparent nuances trying to establish a spatial relationship, through a flow of chromatic effects, which allow me to invent purely abstract situations on occasions and others that come close to realities without being totally defined. The medium used and the support of my works are fundamental, since my technique is based purely on working with acrylic, a material to which I owe, the ease of the play of transparencies, without having to resort to the usual glazes of well-weighted OLEO . Thus, I consider that I have managed to structure my own style, always based on the creative spirit with which I was born.

Artist Portfolio



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