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Casey Cheuvront


Artist locale: Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Style of work: Impressionist/Realism
Subject matter: Landscape, skies, and wildlife
Mediums: Oils, Watercolor, Gouache, Ink

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

My favorite shoes are hiking boots. For years I've explored the wildernesses of the Southwest, hiking, backpacking, hang gliding and mountain biking - interacting with our wild places up close and in person. This has profoundly influenced my work. I believe we are incomplete without a connection to, and appreciation of, the natural world, and that we should cherish and protect it.

To honor that end, I create impressionist/realism oil paintings for those who love the Southwest landscape and wildlife, so that my collectors can share in that spiritual relationship. I want to promote deeper respect and connection with our vanishing wild places and the creatures that call them home.

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