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Christy Mandeville


Artist locale: Saint Petersburg, FL, USA
Subject matter: Lightning and Storms
Medium: Fine Art Photography

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

As a critically acclaimed global diverse artist known for her trademark lightning photography, Christy vividly brings to life a story of balance and seeing nature’s fury to embrace its raw beauty and power. One constant is always balancing the light and the dark. Shooting at night requires leaving the lens open longer to gather light but the intense burst of lightning can easily overwhelm resulting in a completely over-exposed photograph. Christy patiently waits hours upon hours for nature to provide her with the perfect moments to share with you. Christy invites you to join us and gaze in awe at the "perfect moments" she captures. In a single instance, Christy forever encapsulates nature's awesome spectacle into a unique story and today she is happy to extend and share those experiences with you.

“It cannot be taught it has to be felt. It is that single moment where photography becomes the artist's signature. A moment missed is a moment forever dedicated to the memory of time alone."
-Christy Mandeville 2023.

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