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Dan McCrary


Artist locale: Charlotte, NC, USA
Style of work: Realism
Subject matter: Automobiles
Medium: Watercolor

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

There are endless artistic explorations to be discovered on, in, and about the automobile. Its surface is a limitless supply of color and contour; compositions to be isolated - painted in a realistic technique, yet abstract in the way that a section of chrome and pastel can be removed from its larger context and assume an aesthetic all its own. Reflected images of other vehicles or surroundings can play along the shape of a fender and take on the effects of a “fun-house mirror”. In that uniquely American archive that is the “junkyard” there are explorations of a different kind of mood; the irony of finding a once proud luxury car, the pride and joy of days long past now in a state of decay, has its own magnetism…plus, as an added “bonus”; the contrarian in me loves to stand on its head the image that polite society holds of an old car as nothing but an “eyesore”.

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