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Debbie K Morris


Artist locale: Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Style of work: Hyperrealism
Subject matter: Wildlife, Pets, Portraits
Medium: Pastel

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

I am a self-taught artist and started painting again in 2018 following a 35-year gap; quite simply, life got in the way and I needed to address my work/life balance! I was inspired at this time, to paint my two stunning Weimaraner dogs and in doing so was reminded just how much I enjoy being creative; I got my life back through my art! Since then I have loved being able to study and improve my craft and whilst I’m happy as long as I have something on my easel, I have also developed a real passion for painting wildlife. It is fascinating and humbling to learn about these creatures and it enables me to understand and raise the profile of some of our most endangered species. I have always been that person who gets right up close to a painting so that I can see every stroke and I have been blown away by seeing how the piece I am looking at was created. I strive to achieve hyper-realism in my paintings so that other like-minded people can also get ‘up close and personal’ to my work. Nothing pleases me more than hearing someone say – ‘I thought it was a photograph!’

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