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Gabriele Gracine


Artist locale: Denver, CO, USA
Style of work: Abstract
Subject matter: Non representational
Medium: Digital

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

I am a self-taught digital artist. I create art for the pure joy of the experience and in an attempt to bring the power of beauty to the world. My process is a proprietary technique I continuously explore and enhance. The amazingly versatile digital medium provides me with the magical tools to actualize my visions. I've discovered that my creativity is enhanced by intuitively allowing my images to take the lead in bringing them to realization. I often feel that they create themselves using me as the medium. I consider each one as a surprisingly delightful story conveyed initially to me. My art is the result of a conversation between my inner and external influences. Each image is simultaneously an extension from my past, a snapshot of the present and a preview of the future. I intend to capture the viewer's wonder and imagination with a powerful image of visual poetry that is unique, deeply personal and extends an offer to contemplate entering a new reality through the extraordinary digital world.

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