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Lucy Dickens


Resides: Carefree, AZ USA
Style of work: Expressive Realism
Subject matter: Landscape, Botanical, Wildlife
Medium: Oil

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

"The elements in the environment—every leaf, animal, cloud—they, without question bend gently toward the light. So do I. It’s with this notion that I collaborate with my environment to bring these spectacular scenes in nature to canvas. And this collaboration of the elements, me included, combines to transform a simple piece of canvas into an experience to share. This is my intention; to take in these scenes and express my gratitude to our Creator for being part of it by painting landscapes, botanicals, and wildlife from around the world. They say ‘every picture tells a story'... each of my paintings is shared with an accompanying story. I want to bring light, hope, beauty, and a sense of grace through my work and words." Lucy

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