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Michelle Reeves


Artist Locale: Nashville, TN, USA
Style of work: Abstract
Subject Matter: Florals
Medium: Acrylic

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

Painting occurred late in my life. In 2017 a gentleman asked a question during a job interview: “What are you passionate about?” Pondering the answer to that question led me back to school to get an Interior Design degree, hoping this would fill a void. Along the way, through course work, I found my true self and at 52 years old and started painting.

Floral beauty has always been my sanctuary causing a visceral response to the beauty and possibilities of nature. It comes as no surprise that when I started to paint flowers literally exploded out of me as they bring so much joy and wonderful memories. I communicate my point of view, good, bad or ugly, through flowers/nature and color/texture - putting voice to canvas through paint and palette knife, in an impressionistic fashion.

I am so grateful to be painting and thank the Heavens above daily. And when an idea hits, I grab creative by the tail and kiss inspiration on the cheek and enjoy the ride.

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