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Nancy Breiman


Resides: Scottsdale, AZ USA
Style of work: Expressionistic
Subject matter: Nature and Florals
Medium(s) used: Oil

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

I'm in my happy place when surrounded by creative people, bright colors, and beautiful things to look at with a paint brush in my hand.

I've always had a curiosity for the world around me. I'm especially drawn to the color and details of flowers. I'm amazed at how perfect God has created them and how their design is reflected in the man made world in shapes, color and texture.

It's my desire to bring this beauty to my collectors for them to experience the same joy I feel when I'm painting.

Art is my voice when my surroundings speak and you are the listener. When I paint, I hope my art speaks to you in the way the world speaks to me.

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