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Siegfried Schreck


Artist locale: Niedersachsen, Germany
Subject matter: Figurative
Style: Graffiti Art
Medium: Photo Painting

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

I began my artistic career in 1980 as a poet and songwriter. I wrote lyrics for various musicians and published 4 volumes of poetry. In search of new challenges, I discovered my talent for abstract digital painting on the computer in 1999 (digital painting). That was the beginning of an interesting journey and I think I'm still a long way from my destination. As a digital artist I've tried and experimented a lot and once again when I was walking the streets of the city I saw these bright and colorful graffiti paintings on the walls and in doorways. that got me very inspired and I decided to generate such kind of images on PC. In the meantime a whole series has been created and I leave the "limits of fantasy and the world of reality" when painting. I really like expressing myself in a surrealistic way, according to my artistic nature.

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