Heather Philp, Featured Artist


That Time of Day.jpeg

Artist Locale: Oxford, United Kingdom

Style of work: Impressionism

Subject matter: old views of the built environment with some form of nature: water, flowers, seasonal colors

Medium: Oil with Palette Knives

My work over the years has evolved, not so much in subject matter, but in the treatment of the subject. The focus of my work has always been an interpretation of the effect of light and dark on a subject. Earlier works were mostly photo realism, but as I explored ways to create light and the idea of light with depth, I have moved towards Impressionism with a palette knife. Inspired by the early Impressionists I love the challenge of using color to create images, depth and light rather than creating mirror images of what we see. I choose a variety of topics, landscapes and cityscapes, but I prefer the built world and how life and time affect it.

Artist Statement


Artist Portfolio

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