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Hector D Llamas
Solo Exhibition
Artist locale:  Mesa, AZ,  USA
Subject matter: Figurative
Medium: Mixed Media

Multiple reactions to Beauty & thoughts are the main reason for these creations…. It starts with a textured primed canvas, charcoal, and female beauty. I will step away for days after the sketch is partially complete, weeks even months, some are untouched years before I come back to them and add any details and color.  Ideas stem from Models/Muses from many sources, however, each individual painting is a combination of the sources and is developed into it's own individual person to create a one of a kind uniquely different portrait. Most of us are reminded of someone they know or have seen when they see a portrait. As this happens when I see an old sketch it is mostly memories of thoughts feelings I presently have. As I add details to a piece, it becomes more and more spontaneous and intuitive. I will use spray paint with hand cut stencils, oil pastels, acrylic paint, wax pencil and more. I name them as I work on them, or until the work is done because they usually help me. All my female portraits fall under my “Damas the Llamas” however “Socially Royal” is a series within which depicts emotional reactions in beautiful female faces of different ages. They wear their crowns in various ways while connected to what now is an extension of every young lady’s life, watching, and listening, influenced by modern society.  Everyone who sees my art will have their own reaction to each expression. As for the glammed involved backgrounds, they help you get lost in the moment.


Hector was born in Pittsburg California “the bay area” and raised in the small border town of San Luis Rio Colorado in Sonora, Mexico. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University, with an emphasis on printmaking, drawing, and painting. Llamas stays prolific in his art by working with many artists in the valley and sharing ideas and techniques. He has been working with the top interior designers around the valley for over 20 years.

He works in a controlled improvising manner often using different color pallets and applying the mediums with random objects, using handmade stencils to create different textures. Layer after layer of multimedia strategically applied creates the depth and inviting perception in Hector’s abstract backgrounds.

His figurative work is full of movement, texture, and layers of multimedia. He utilizes the printing techniques of layering and transparency in paints to obtain just the right hue of color, and by adding the cross-hatching technique of drawing the result gives Hectors figures volume and interest. He captures emotion in the expressions and tells stories through their eyes.

Socially Royal 2.jpg

"Find something you love to do and do it for as long as you are able, and it will become part of you and you it."  Hector

“I never stop learning.  I try to learn at least one thing from each person I meet. Implementing these things has shaped me into the person and artist I am.” Hector

Virtual Show Dates: 
May 1 - 31, 2024

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