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 2022 IAA Awards in Oil Painting
International Achievement Awards Exhibition
Awards include: virtual award exhibition, cash prize to top three artists, awards 4 - 10 receive free entry into one future competition,  top 10 award video, social media promotion & award certificate.

1st Place

2022 IAA Award in Oil Painting

Dorđe Štošić

"I enjoy the dynamic of man battling the sea. I find the way water splashes visually exciting and try to create this sense of motion in my works."  Dorđe

Title of work: Wave Riders
Artist locale: Medulin, Croatia

Cash Prize: $250

Dorđe Štošić _Wave_Riders_Oil_on_Canvas.jpg

2nd Place

2022 IAA Award in Oil Painting

Sihua Liu

"My painting is inspired by the pre-Raphaelite art, creating a new picture combining creative composition with modern aesthetics." Sihua

Title of work: Crystal Ball and Flower
Artist locale: Changde City, China

Cash Prize: $175


3rd Place

2022 IAA Award in Oil Painting

Yael Maimon

"I love painting cats. This portrait was inspired by the way the light fell on the cat, creating wonderful subtle color changes." Yael

Title of work: Touched by Light
Artist locale: Ashkelon, Israel

Cash Prize: $100


IAA Awards in Oil Painting

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