Jamie Craddock-Johnson, Featured Artist


Dancing in the Gold Music.jpg

Resides:  Gilbert, Arkansas, USA

Style of work:  Abstract Impressionism

Subject matter:  People, Landscapes

Medium(s) used: Pen, Water Color &
Mixed Media

Artist Statement

I am a self-taught artist and work with primarily with watercolors and ink; but I am exploring more mixed media work. I don’t want to be constrained by one medium; but let the subject I am painting inspire what medium I use.  When I paint, the world around me goes away and I am totally at peace with myself – this is why I paint. I primarily paint people, animals and nature landscapes. I love to look at a photograph of a person and try to interpret and tell their story through my painting.  I also want to push the boundaries of what people consider beautiful and show that we all are beautiful in our own light. I have a cabin in the Ozarks Mountains in Arkansas and I love to paint the beauty of the mountains and natural lakes, waterfalls, rivers and streams. I like to explore painting on different surfaces.  I have completed many paintings on antique book and dictionary pages and love the aged look they add to the paintings. One thing is for certain, being able to explore my art as a second career has made me appreciate every minute of my journey and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Artist Portfolio

Song of the Cowgirl
Finding Freedom
She Walks with Butterflies
Maker's Mark
Kalediscope Mind
Tears of Gold
Dancing in the Gold
Bloody Mary Morning
Mellow Yellow
M is for Margarita