Jan Griggs, Featured Artist


Jan Griggs - Intensity.jpg

Resides:  Scottsdale, AZ USA

Style of work:  Contemporary

Subject matter:  Abstracts

Medium(s) used: Acrylic

Artist Statement

Painting is my passion! My work is a collection of places, feelings of color, light and dark, movement and stillness that I translate into non-representational abstracts. I like bold strong colors that create a tension when they intersect, movement and speed in brush strokes, and light moving throughout the painting. In other words, energy. Each work is intuitive allowing the viewer to engage imagination, interpreting and reacting to what they see. A successful work is one that forms a connection, evoking an emotion that impacts and stays with the person viewing my art.
Jan Griggs - From Within BEST.JPG

Best in Show Award - All Abstracts 2020 Juried Painting Competition

“I love abstract painting because it allows so much freedom for interpretation for both the artist and the viewer. Colors, shapes, lights and darks can be arranged and re-arranged to create the feeling and emotion coming from within the artist. The viewer may connect to that narrative or recognize their own emotional relationship to the piece. I am grateful to be able to share that moment of connection and continue the creative journey. Last summer in the northwest was the inspiration for these works. The combination of wind, water, gray-blue skies, and fresh salty air are imprinted on my creative memory.” Jan

Artist Portfolio

Blue Grass Breeze
The Grid
Finding the Way
Blue Grass
Poppies in the Mist
Dear Diary
Rush Hour
Rock Paper Sissors
High Road 1