Jan Lowe, Featured Artist


Resides:  San Remo, Victoria, Australia

Style of work:  Realism

Subject matter:  Animals, Nature, Buildings. People

Medium(s) used:  Scratchboard

Best in Show Award Winner for 2018 Artist Choice Competition.

"African Wild Dog"

Artist Statement

Storytelling through paintings and drawings. To capture the place or creature, identify the impact and emotion it had on me. In the main, my subjects are animals, sketching them in the wild, field or zoo is a wonderful challenge, if the weather turns, complete the painting in the studio supplemented by photographs taken. It’s all about storytelling, catching the emotion, passion and recording the moment. Painting an animal is obviously what I love, to capture their soul and their unique personality and to interpret that to the viewer so they can enjoy what they see. Art is very personal, it comes from the artist’s soul and when I teach my students, I ask them to select a subject they know and love – that makes it special, the results tell their story.

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