Jan Lowe, Featured Artist


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Resides:  Ventnor, Victoria, Australia

Style of work:  Realism/Contemporary

Subject matter:  Animals and Nature 

Medium(s) used:  Scratchboard, Ink
and Watercolor

Artist Statement

I paint/draw in most mediums but focus on scratchboard and enjoy the challenges of watercolor on clay board instead of paper! As a passionate animal artist, although I do paint most all subjects, I need to have a connection to the animal, place or environment. The lockdowns are soulless but necessary, for me I love the isolation, however, I am mindful of being too remote and my classes are postponed. I miss the social activities and the sharing of ideas and banter with fellow artists and my students. Although I am a published and exhibiting artist in Australia, Europe and US, the internet does help because publicity is so important! To have an opportunity as a Featured Artist at Camelback Gallery is such a privilege! I appreciate the opportunity to be in the company of such incredible talent.

Featured Artist Portfolio
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Storm of Ventnor after the fires
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African Wild Dog
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