Katie Willes, Featured Artist


Kathryn Wiles.jpg

Resides:  Sandy, UT USA

Style of work:  Abstract Impressionism

Subject matter:  Abstracts

Medium(s) used:  Acrylic and Mixed Media

Artist Portfolio

Artist Statement

I like abstract because I like imperfection.  I like to call myself an imperfectionist.  I like how you can take messy lines or a little bit of chaos and make a pleasing composition.  I feel like that reflects life.  Life is messy.  No one is perfect.  We might have huge flaws, or be in a bad situation, but that doesn't mean that we can't have a beautiful life.  I think my paintings reflect that hope.


When I paint, I like to tap into the inner well of creativity that we all have, but we often feel cut off from as adults.  There's a state of mind that allows access to free-flowing creativity without censure from thought. Artists thrive on it, but everyone has access to it.  It allows for creative problem solving. To get to that state of mind, I try to feed my inner child.  Play is a big part of my art practice.  I devote time every day to "playing with paint."  This play informs my work.

I’ve always been touched by beauty. The sunset over the desert, or an orchard in full bloom can stop my breath.  I try to infuse that joy of color into each painting.  As an abstract expressionist artist, I paint intuitively.  I try to bring balance and flow into each piece. I like to think my cheerful optimism shows through.  When I can’t help but smile when I look at each painting, I know I’m done.


Playful, fun and happy, my art seeks to connect with the inner child in all of us.  Some are bright and full of energy, while some are soft and tranquil like a lullaby.

The Wedge at Dusk
My Favorite Color is You
Effervescent Optimisim
Take me to the Park
Sun on my Skin
Double Touch