Kumuda Krovvidi, Featured Artist


Fish and Lotus.JPG

Artist Locale: Singapore

Style of work: Contemporary

Subject matter: Florals using Lotus and Symbolic Indian Art

Medium: Acrylic, Oil, Gouache and

Kumuda is an artist who is passionate about painting using various mediums and exploring new techniques to create contemporary art. A dominant motif that appears frequently in her paintings is the lotus, which symbolises among many other things, ‘rising above the mud’.  As an artist, she is open to all forms of painting styles, but her pieces are influenced by Indian art. She believes that visual arts education is an invaluable part of a person’s journey in appreciating aesthetics. She has over fifteen years of experience in practicing and teaching painting in Singapore. She holds a Certificate in Western Art from Nanyang Academy of Fine arts, Singapore.

Artist Statement


Artist Portfolio

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Peace and Harmony
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Blue Lotus Pond
Enchanting Forest
Fish and Lotus