Leah Dockrill, Featured Artist


What I Mean to Say.jpg

Resides: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Style of work: Collage

Subject matter:  Portraits of Women

Medium: Hand-cut papers, Acrylics

Artist Statement

Leah says that there are many benefits in working with different art forms. She is able to move comfortably from the intricacies and planned structures of a collage portrait or anecdotal collage to free-form painted abstracts or large acrylic landscapes.  She frequently uses her skills in digital art to create designs which then emerge in her own printed art papers. From time to time these printed papers make their way into her collages as well as her painted abstracts. These interactions result in a very satisfying synergy for the artist.

Artist Portfolio

What I Mean to Say
A Woman of Distinction
Awesome Jo Renaissance Woman No 1
Awesome Jo Renaissance Woman No 2
Awesome Jo Renaissance Woman No 4
I Am What I Am
Awesome Jo Renaissance Woman No 3