Lena Krashevka, Featured Artist



Resides:  Cologne, Germany

Style of work:  Contemporary Realism

Subject matter:  People

Medium(s) used: Acrylic and Oil

Artist Statement

A human with his feelings and emotions is in the center of the artist's works. The core of Krashevka's works is to capture and reflect the psycho-emotional state from the inside of a person onto the canvas. The artist achieves both expressive psychological images and a convincing saturation of the light-air atmosphere, color harmony, and general emotionality of the works. All portraits of the painting are made in the technique of acrylic on canvas. The artist was born and studied in Belarus (Belarusian State Academy of Arts, 2014) , lives in Cologne, Germany.

Artist Portfolio

After Dark
Isolation #5
Isolation #1
Illusions # 2
Illusions # 1
The Mood of The Moment