Linda Lindus, Featured Artist


Feel the Heat.jpg

Resides:  Scottsdale, AZ  USA

Style of work:  Impressionist and Representational Abstract

Subject matter:  Arizona Landscapes

Medium(s) used:  Acrylic, Oil, Mixed-Media

Artist Statement

"I paint from an inward source, interpreting each setting or moment with intense feeling. My imagination calls me to create, to interpret what I see, and paint what I feel. While the rugged landscapes surrender to a brush or palette knife, creatures - flora and fauna are brought to life on canvas. The resultant artworks transform into emotion, evoking a mood beyond the scene itself while I paint beyond what is real by reaching for a deeper connection. My creativity springs from inspirational surroundings, life experiences and nature's beauty. In exploring the challenges of merging nature with mankind’s structural intrusions, I attempt to capture their inherent artistic qualities." Linda

Artist Portfolio

Feel the Heat
You Can Leave Now
Clearing Over the Marshlands
Stormy Path
Another Day Slides Away
Canyon Moon