MARIE MCCALLUM, Featured Artist

Marie McCallum.1.jpg

Resides: Anthem, Arizona USA

Style of work: Classical Realism 
Subject matter:  Contemporary Urban

Medium(s) used:  Oil


Thinking graphically and painting in a realistic style is a natural for McCallum.  Her technique is informed by her background as a trompe l'oeil painter and sign artist.   Her work is dynamic and vibrant with a perspective that pulls the viewer in and allows them to immediately sense a familiarity with the subject matter.  The award winning painter has exhibited in galleries and numerous shows in California, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

Artist Portfolio

Saturday Night
Red Riding Hood
Oriental Silk 2
One Way
Morris Garage
Hotel Newhouse
Door on the Left
Heel to Toe
Handmade in Germany
66 Motel
Silver Bean
Westward Ho