Mathieu Nozieres, Featured Artist

Resides:  Le Sappey-en-Chartreuse, France

Style of work:  Surrealism, Realism, Contemporary

Subject matter:  People, Animals

Medium(s) used:  Oil

Mathieu's painting was chosen by Jury as the "BEST IN SHOW" for Camelback Gallery's ARTIST CHOICE IV All Visual Arts Competition.  Part of the award is a 3-month on-line residency on CB's Featured Artist Page.  Congratulations Mathieu!

"A woman (allegory of freedom) stands on a carriage chased by entities. This painting refers to a difficult experience I had in Morocco a year and a half ago. An experience that almost changed my life dramatically. China, the country I lived in after, helped me make the transition. Traditional Moroccan riders (representing souvenirs) attack the carriage. They are repelled by traditional Chinese warriors. The two ribbons that float at the top of the spear symbolize light and shade, which sometimes strangely intertwine in certain periods of our lives. The lance is adorned with flowers, a symbol that whatever the struggle, it must remain pacifist. The woman has her eyes closed to remind the viewer that freedom is an interior state. ⁠ Anubis holds the reins of the carriage. He is the symbol of the internal transitions that each human being has to make at some point in his life. Present in the background, the clouds support the idea that everything passes, everything changes, everything transforms. One of the horses is deflecting and could precipitate the carriage into the void. Anubis pulls with all his might to keep it on the way. The whole scene takes place in a desert landscape of the American West. Why ? Because it is in the United States that I am currently pursuing my career." Mathieu


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