Merritt Richardson, Featured Artist


Artist Locale: Portland, OR, US

Style of work: Contemporary

Subject matter: Abstracts

Medium: Acrylic and Mixed Media

Artist Statement

An abstract painting is my invitation to join a conversation. I am fascinated by the variety of responses and interpretations that the same painting evokes in different people. The meaning in my work truly comes from learning what each person sees in a painting or hearing about the emotions or memories that arise for them. Simplicity that is endlessly complex intrigues me. I love when the starkness of something very simple captivates and demands attention. Something that seems very straightforward at first glance, but then invites a longer look and, upon further reflection, reveals unexpected details, tension and depth. I seek to balance restraint in my work with a combination of vibrant, bold color, unexpected contrasts and rich textures. My approach is mostly intuitive, letting the paint and tools guide the composition and details as I go. Paint, react, paint…until each piece tells me that it is complete. At its best, my artwork radiates the passion and positivity that I feel while painting. Creating art gives me energy and sharpens my view of the world around me. Every new piece starts with a chance to broaden my perspective, to challenge my assumptions and to spark a happy dialogue with my audience. My goal is to find the potential in the endless flow of ideas I have about how to combine paint onto a canvas with the hope that the result brings joy and delight to the people who see it.

Artist Portfolio



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