Nathalie Gribinski,  Featured Artist


Resides:  Chicago, IL  USA

Style of work:  Contemporary

Subject matter:  Abstract Figuratives

Medium(s) used:  Water Color, Acrylics, Oil Pastels

Artist Statement

While I don’t seek out to set themes, my work, mostly abstract, does naturally contain repeated symbols or ideas such as generosity, love, humor, and spirit. My paintings showcase powerful emotions, vibrant colors, and thoughtful expressions of human complexity. The work, in its meticulous design, is playful and light. Shapes interact like oxygen bubbles, free from each other. Sensual curves form whimsical, childish characters, exploding into waves of light. They often sink into deep seas harmoniously.  It is a dance, a choreography of the eternal - a carefree shape indeed, an essential tango of genuine joy.

Artist Portfolio



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