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Beth Sheridan


Resides: Texas City Texas, USA
Subject matter: Landscape, Still Life, Animals & Documentary
Medium: Fine Art Photography

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

I began my love of photography as a young child. My father was a photography enthusiast and I became enthralled with the idea of capturing a story through images when he would photograph me as I would tell him stories that I would make up – you could almost see my imaginary worlds through his lens in my facial expressions. I was hooked. Telling stories through my lens has become the hallmark of my creative process, be it in a series of images or in a single landscape.

My choice in subjects for my art is influenced by my health and my need to social distance, even long before the coronavirus pandemic. In 2016, I was finally diagnosed with a genetic immunodeficiency related to Bubble Boy Syndrome, called Common Variable Immunodeficiency. My photography provides me with meditative healing through affording me a creative and contemplative outlet for the stressors of daily life, the intensities of chronic illness and my day job as a rocket engineer.

My goal for my art is to ultimately bring the mission of restoration and healing to others. I want people who view my art to also find that art can be healing for them as well – be it through the enhancement of their environment, the story it tells or inspiration to be creative themselves.

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