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Michelle Delanty


Artist locale: San Clemente, CA, USA
Style of work: Realistic Impressionism
Subject matter: Animals/Pets
Medium: Watercolor/Gouache

Artist Statement

Artist Portfolio

My body of work, which I call “Soulful Pet Portraits,” reflects my desire to express the inner essence of each of the animals I paint. Born and raised in Orange County, California, I studied under many professional artists, focusing my studies mainly on figurative drawing and painting. In February of 2018, I was asked to paint a portrait of a friend’s canine pet. I knew immediately that I had found a subject that combined both my love for animals and passion for the arts. Today my colorful pet portraits reflect my ability to capture the sensitive nature of animals and my desire to express the love and depth of their very souls in paint. My fascination with portraying the soul or aura is intimately involved with the palette of colors that I choose to identify each animal, to bring the image of those pets to life. My paintings are created directly out of my belief that the behavior of our domesticated animals is a message to mankind, related to the very essence of unconditional love. Each animal has its own story, and its own particular relationship with its human family. They are part of the good in this world and impact our lives in many ways. No two stories of pet relationships are the same. I strive to honor all animals, their families, and their stories through my paintings.

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