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Patsy Lindamood
Solo Exhibition
Artist locale:  Huntsville, TX, USA
Subject matter: Architecture
Medium: Graphite

“When the visual language is reduced to lines, shapes, and values, the underlying story becomes more poignant and more arresting.    Absent the romance of color, working in shades of grey is like telling a short story versus writing a novel.   I strive for my graphite art to evoke story and emotion, to resonate with both recollection and recognition.”   ~ Patsy Lindamood

I was a late starter as an artist! I decided in 2004 to become a professional after dabbling and experimenting for some three years with various dry media. I have continued to work full-time as a credit union executive while also developing my career as an artist. Initially, I worked primarily with colored pencil and soft pastel, and my subject matter was principally wildlife and human portraiture. About three years ago, on a birding expedition to the central Texas coast, other elements of the Texas landscape eclipsed my focus on the avian population of the area. I transitioned to working in graphite on clayboard and to drawing work boats, grain silos, decaying homesteads, architecturally distinguished courthouses and alleyways. These subjects are consummate examples of strong lines and shapes and are typically comprised of a broad range of values.  Creating them with graphite allows me to focus on the “bones” of my subject matter, to evoke dramatic lighting, to narrate a story.

Patsy Lindamood is an award-winning  graphite artist and full-time credit union Chief Financial Officer. Her drawings have garnered numerous awards and recognition, selected for numerous exhibitions across the United States and Canada, as well as numerous virtual shows.  Juggling finance and technology on her “day job” with a burning passion for creating highly representational 2-D works of art with graphite, she has created a burgeoning body of work that has earned her membership in the Salmagundi Club, NYC.  She is a signature member of the International Guild of Realism, American Artists Professional League, American Plains Artists, Artists for Conservation, Society of Animal Artists, as well as a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and a Master Artist with the International Association of Pastel Societies. She is a self-taught graphite artist whose focus has evolved in recent years from wildlife-only to a passion for ‘scapes’ featuring work boats to wading birds, grain silos to abandoned homesteads, and courthouses to cathedrals.

Virtual Show Dates: 
February 1 - 29,  2024

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